Infernum in Terra

by Clawhammer

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released September 23, 2016


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Steven Jones, guitarist of "From Sorrow To Serenity" & "Bleed From Within".
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Thanks to Gerardo Pavon from "Bodybag" for his guest feature!
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Thanks to Yannick Erckens from "Clench Your Fist" for his guest feature!
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Thanks to Cedric from "Legoin to Kill" for his guest feature!
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Thanks to Brad Harkness from "Revelations" for his guest feature!
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Thanks to Luke Griffin from "Human Error" for his guest feature!
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Thanks to Rob & Phips from Brawl Between Enemies for their guest feature!
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Thanks to "Almanc Designs" for the EP artwork.
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Thanks to "Disgusting Creations" for our logo.
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All lyrics and instrumentals by Clawhammer, except during vocal features.
Vocals - Christopher Jones
Guitar - Robert Campbell
Guitar - Nathan Campbell
Bass - Craig Rowan
Drums - Toni Elrick




Clawhammer Glasgow, UK

Beatdown/Slam band from Glasgow in Scotland.

est 2015

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Track Name: Intro/Infernum in Terra (Feat. Gerardo Pavon of Bodybag)
Clawhammer 2016, Infernum in terra
God has decimated the weak
There's nothing but hell on this earth

No escape from the grips of god, with his hands round your throat

Mutilate the adversary of the god with nails
Burn him on the cross watch as his dirty blood trails
Send him to the depths below decapitate the head
Snap his limbs, legs to arms leaving him for dead
Butchering, slaughtering, bloodshed tears
Down in the depths below you'll face your fucking fears
This is the devils work he's feeding you with sin
This is where your Suffering only starts to begin

Endless blood
From him
From the god

Watch as his hands are hammered beaten by the beast
Watch as the demons use his flesh as a feast
Driven by insanity the cross is at your feet
I am the goat i'm free from gods greed

Belly of the undermining slaughterhouse protector
Even all your innocence is making you taste better
Feel your lactic acid filled hate
Fill you with sorrow with the hell he can create

You're going home in a fucking bodybag

You're not fucking ready
It's time to die, from Chicago to the UK

Scream your prayers
To a meaningless cross
Save your breath
Forget your holy hoax
The only thing reality brings
Is that your souls will rot in piss
Forget all hope
Deny your faith
Bow your head
To my feet
I am salvation
I am depravity
Track Name: Human Disease (Feat. Yannick of Clench Your Fist & Cedric of Legion to Kill)
Cancerous overpopulation
A disease in an orderly formation
Trapped inside a single nation
Force fed disgusting lies
Tear out their fucking eyes

This act of violence isn't gonna help for you
Your illness will kill a thousand one at a time
Savage hunger, rotting flesh
Infect the human race until they are extinct
Breathe disaster, exhale death
lay in a bed of gods wasteland

Kill you, yes I will kill you, I will kill you

Chemical contagion has rotted everything that we stood for
To cleanse humanity of this fucked up disgusting place

Clench your fist repesent
Udc family motherfuckers
Straight from the streets of genk city
Clawhammer beatdown
Allez allez fils de pute

Just another fucking day
On this earth I disgust
Mind filled with misanthropy
This world will soon turn to dust

No mercy
My silence
Hides my
Track Name: Realm of the Wicked (Feat. Brad Harkness of Revelations)
Forgive me father, for this wretched cycle
Forgive me for my sins
I have lost all faith in humanity, watch as they weep
Begging for pleasure, they can’t receive, begging for mercy that they can’t have
I feel no pain no mercy, I consume the devils insanity
I ingest your whole anatomy, I'm gods disguise I am Christianity

Useless sense of putrid slaughter, waste of skin a useless rotter
Just a slave to the holy bible, a lost dead soul a dead disciple

Sever them devour them eat there soul
Flesh by flesh bone by bone
Torture methods on the lonely souls
Bleeding through their ears and fucking nose
Suffocate, castrate, stabbing pains, eternal suffering is all you'll gain

You will feel my fucking pain, in the realm of the wicked
The cattle of religion walk into death
Waiting for the end
Just admit there is nothing left
Mutilate your body
Leave it for the flies
Erase the spawn
Watch as the world dies

The floor falls through inside the chapel of despair
The streets lined with scum choking on the blood that clouds the air
Die inside a nightmare that became real
A realm of death created from the hatred I feel

Lay waste to the scum
End their lives
Deprive the world of hope and hope the world fucking dies
Your life never meant a thing to me
Left to rot in eternal misery

I watch the world end from a tower of bone
Waiting for the end atop a bloodstained throne
Say goodbye to everything you've ever known
I am left to walk this world alone

Erase all signs of life as their blood stains the sky
Just another fucking wasted life brought to die
Erase all signs of life
Their blood floods the sky
Track Name: Agony of Judas (Feat. Luke Griffin of Human Error, Ex-Acrania)
Filthy judas scum
Behead you on your knees
Praying to the lord of rape and pillaging
Seas of blood and cum from all the priests that you reap
Will soon be tormenting me

Thy kingdom come, thy name will burn on a stone
The devils son will bring hell on this earth
With massacre and suicidal fears thy slaughter will bring a deafening fear

I can feel the hatred breathing
Lies upon the human race, a religious curse
Drawing plans for mass execution, lies
The last thing imagined as you eject the soul
From this hallow piece of dead flesh and bone
You'll be screaming his name
When you slowly crawl from the scent of death
Cowering back where you belong
Religious curse on the human race
Now the gates of hell will know your name

When the blood rains it fucking pours on me
Satan is born its a great misanthropy
Torn up womb, ripped to shreds of the raped old nun who's
Left for dead

Your savior is fucked he shows no loyalty no sense of his apology
Just a priest with dark psychology hand in hand with demonology

Feed your holy entrails to me
All the death that leads to me
In lust
In holy matrimony
In his name

God has taken a million lives
A million lives condemned to eternal hell and misery
No one is safe from the devils pain
No one is safe

All of satans misery, will bring you down
Bow your head to suffering
Condemned to pain and death
Track Name: Lynching (Feat. Rob & Phips of Brawl Between Enemies)
Build the gallows, string them tight
You're first in line to die tonight
All your suffering all your flesh
You'll be fucking choked to death
A life of Eternal misery
A wasted life to die for
Scum motherfucker you're a slave to death
The devil is coming to take your life

I'm like your shadow, not easy to run from
You can run but you can't hide

141 beatdown
Hang your enemies
141 beatdown
Hang your enemies

Die in silence

This is your fucking death sentence
Brawl Between Enemies, Clawhammer, you know what it is
141 beatdown like a fucking chainsaw across your face
And tonight we're going fucking crazy bitch

You can't fuck with
Street justice
Feel my rope around your neck
Stringin tight, thumbs down
Now you're loosing ground under your feet
You bleed and I follow your track
This is your fucking end
Forever hunting you
Face your fucking punishment